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Recent Activities
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On May 1, 2024, New Milford CERT participated in a fire department training exercise at the Smoke House in New Milford. Members from Water Witch, Gaylordsville & Northville Fire stations practiced Search & Rescue and navigating in a total smoked filled building.  In addition to providing Rehab, CERT members also assisted with Accountability.


On November 5, 2023 NM CERT was asked to assist in the Live Burn exercise held at the Fire Academy in Torrington.  WaterWitch & Northville Fire departments participated and the CERT team duties included Accountability (documenting those that entered and exited the building) as well as performing Rehab (ensuring all present were properly hydrated and cooled as they exited the building).


On June 10, 2023 the Gaylordsville Fire Department hosted a S&R training exercise with representatives from Water Witch & Northville FD, Ambulance, EMS, S&R K-9, NM PD Aviation and CERT. The mission was to locate 5 airplane crash victims in the woods near the Candlewood Farm airport.  CERT assisted with Rehab, Accountability and searches. 


On May 29th, CERT proudly marched in the New Milford Memorial Day parade honoring those men and woman that sacrificed their lives so we can be free.

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 10.25.50 AM.png

On April 18th, 2023 Jack Morrison from the New Milford Youth Agency Media crew sits down with Valerie Truesdell and Albert Tani to talk all about New Milford CERT, and how CERT plays a role in volunteering in New Milford.


On January 29, 2023, New Milford CERT participated in a multi-town fire drill.  This was a joint operation with firefighters from New Milford, Gaylordsville, Sherman, Northville and Bridgewater.  We were tasked with doing Accountability and Rehab as firefighters conducted various exercises in an abandoned fog filled building on Pickett District Rd.


On Nov 5th, 2022, members of the team traveled to the CT Fire Training Academy for a full day event included classes on: CPR/AED, Fire Extinguishers, Cribbing, State Animal Rescue, Train the Trainer update, Cybersecurity and Domestic Violent Extremism, Traffic Incident Mgmt, CERT Legal Updates and Drone uses for CERT and Fire Departments.


CERT was all over Main, giving out candy, 9-V batteries (as reminder for adults to change batteries in smoke detectors), and keeping an eye on all roads into the Green.


On October 15, 2022 CERT was invited to join the NM Police Dept, Aviation & K-9 division and NM Ambulance in a Search & Rescue exercise.

Flu_Covid 10.1.22.jpeg

On October 1, 2022 CERT was activated to provide traffic management at Sara Noble Intermediate School for the Housatonic Valley Health District clinic  that was providing Flu vaccines. Covid booster shots were also being provided.


On June 16, 2022 the team had moulage training.  Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training emergency response teams and other medical and military personnel. 


On May 7, 2022, we were activated to assist firemen as they cycled through the building


On January 9, 2022 CERT was tasked with traffic management as residents drove through John Pettibone Community Center to receive their free COVID test kits.


On November 7, 2021 we were invited to provide rehab for the firemen as they practiced their skills and exited the building


On June 23, 2021 CERT was activated to provide rehab to the firemen performing their training exercises.

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